This space will be all about entertaining and informing in the months to come. We would like to keep you up to date with our product development with lots of info and pictures from weaving mills to garment factories. If anyone wants a full technical tour of our factories then just ask, but otherwise we will keep information light and breezy.
We are just in the process of finalizing next years country show circuit for our Ratcatcher brand, and we will post the list here in due course.
Our intention next year is to make our shows the main feature of the blog. If you visit them you will know how much truth is in our reviews! In this fast age of technology we intend to post daily show reviews along with mug shots of willing customers who are happy to introduce themselves to our wider community through the blog.
If all goes to plan our regular show rants could blossom into a Dales Diary and before long we will be known more for our witty words of wisdom than our wonderful moleskins.

In the meantime we hope our new launch keeps us too busy to spend much time blogging over the next couple of weeks!

Jon Wall