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Under four different owners, the Ratcatcher brand has delivered to its loyal customers superb quality garments, but especially moleskin trousers. During the 2011 season of country shows that we attended, we were amazed how many customers told me that they had been buying our trousers over and over again. The down side for us was that they were lasting too long!

In essence our brand has been a secret kept by our loyal customers and visitors of our marvelous summer county and game shows for too long. We now want you to tell the secret of Ratcatcher quality to all your friends and colleagues, and we want to reward you for doing it. For every purchase made by a new customer passed on to us by you, we will give you 10% of the order price to spend on our website. This 10% will apply not just for the first purchase or the first month, but for LIFE yes LIFE. And there is no limit so you could have 50 customers all buying from us and you would benefit by 10% on all their purchases.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE – Simple. Rather than paying for expensive advertising and marketing which would cost at least 10% we are instead passing this cost to you as a loyalty discount. After all a personal recommendation is the best form of advertising we can get, and we know you are more than happy to recommend the quality and value of our products.

HOW TO TAKE PART- Just email your name and address and we will mail you our introduction leaflets which will have a loyalty code number exclusive to you. When you recommend us to someone else, just give them the leaflet and ask them to quote your unique reference when placing an order. Our system will then align that customer to you and put 10% of their spend into your credit bank every time they make a purchase. You can use your credit at any time on web purchases.

Best Regards,

Jon Wall

Founder- Charles Wall Country Clothing


Anyone who visited our mobile store around the UK last year will no doubt have been told of the pride we have in designing our own tweeds and weaving them in the UK. Last week I visited our main weaver, Mallalieu’s of Delph who are situated high on the Pennines between Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Our first task was to re order tweeds that are part of our ongoing Shooting suits. We are firm believers that if we sell you a suit, you should be able to order replacement breeks etc, as your jacket will last for many years. The same can be said for Estate’s who buy their suits as a corporate uniform which needs to be matched  as new managers and keepers come on board. Two of our three suits are made with a BRITISH WOOL, which is scoured in Bradford, and then dyed,spun and woven in Delph.

2011 was also a very good year for our ladies jacket sales, and three of the designs were so popular that we are having to weave new batches of material. We have also designed a new ladies tweed with a deep pink and crimson check over a green melange base. As I write this blog the new design is weaving away in Lancashire and will be sewn into jackets during March to be available on line from April.

A row of high speed weaving machines

The machines in the picture above are Dornier Rapier weaving machines. The weft yarn (horizontal) is drawn through the warp yarn (vertical) and  each thread pulled through is crammed into the already woven fabric. The machine runs at speeds over 450 weft insertions per minute. Whilst these machines are a far cry from the large shuttle looms of the early 20th Century, they still require highly skilled operatives in order to run efficiently and produce high quality fabric.

After our fabrics are woven they go through the finishing process which is where they achieve their superb touch, and also where the fabric is shrunk and set in order that it does not shrink again after the garment is pressed under hot steam. We also have special finishes added at this stage such as Teflon. This is applied from a liquid bath that the fabric passes through at speed before it then gets dried through the tenter which holds the fabric out to the correct width and sets it through the drying process. This is where the phrase “on tenter hooks” finds its origin.

If any of our customers would be interested in a visit and mill tour then please email me and I will do my best to arrange it.

Best regards to all for 2012


Jon Wall

Charles Wall Country Clothing

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