Last summer we had a couple of striped blazer samples at our country shows. Unfortunately they were both in a slim fitting size 40 which meant we had to wait a couple of shows before the perfect fitting gentleman arrived to take ownership. In that short time we could have sold many of the blazers if other sizes were available. Our promise was to ensure we had a range available for spring 2012.


The traditional fabric for the stripe blazer was always a Venetian weave, which consists of very tightly woven wool worsted threads in the warp direction (vertical) and 100% cotton in the weft direction (horizontal). This allows sections of coloured wool to be woven without the colour from the weft showing through, hence the clean stripe effect.  Before weaving the fabric we buy a white wool which is then dyed in pressure cylinders to the different stripe colours required. We create our unique design and pass the details to our weaver. When the fabric is woven it is referred to as loom state, in that it still requires a finishing process. Finishing can take the fabric through several large modern machines, but simply put we are cleaning, and setting the fabric so that in garment making and general wear the fabric will look good and will not shrink.


Our blazer is made to a very popular and timeless style. Two brass buttons and front pockets are just the job. The inside of our blazer features sculpted lining and contrast linings which bring a modern twist to the garment.

One of the new range of boating blazers for 2012

Our stripe blazers are available here on our web site or alternatively at one of the many country shows we attend. Our list can be found on its own Blog post.

We hope you like our blazers and appreciate what goes into producing them. Whether it is Cricket, boating or just for snappy dressing we are sure you will love owning one of our blazers.

Best regards,


Jon Wall