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The high street has made life really difficult over the past few years when it comes to sizing. Most large brands will undersize garments in a bid to make customers feel better about themselves which then causes upset and disappointment when trying on garments that are sized more accurately. Obviously style is difficult to be precise with, but there are certain measurements which would benefit the customer if there was complete uniformity across all brands.

At Charles Wall we attempt to go by the ruler as closely as possible but accept that standard sizes will not fit everyone. As such we keep a large stock of trousers with an unfinished bottom in order to hem to inside leg measurements from 36″ downwards. And in order not to discriminate against even longer legs, we keep fabric available to allow us too fulfill all leg lengths and all waist sizes to order. To date our largest waist made was 56″ and the smallest 26″ for a couple of young lads whose father decided they were old enough to enjoy wearing their first Ratcatcher Moleskin trousers.

Over the last 2 years we have seen the volume of special make orders increase substantially which is probably as a result of larger brands refusing to hold the vast stock sizes of years gone by. You can understand what a financial headache this must be but equally how frustrating for anyone outside of the “standard sizes”

We have a small stock of 2013 calenders available at £15 +p&p. All monies go to GWT for the wide variety of work that they carry out. Just ring us on 01274 585272 or contact the GWT on 01677 470180. Over the next two months we will be talking to many of our customers who are employed as Keepers to learn more about what they really need from the clothing they buy for the job. Watch out for our full report in January 2013.

British tweed jacket from Charles Wall

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