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We announced last year of the imminent arrival of our ladies tweed shooting garments and are happy to say they have arrived and images are now available.

Our new ladies tweed Gilet is made in England from our exclusive Saxony fabric


The garments can be bought in this new tweed or alternatively you can purchase in any of our other tweeds with a making time of just 6 weeks. We are sure that for many shoot organisers this will be an ideal outfit for their female staff and can easily be coordinated with the chaps by using a common tweed.We will of course be holding fabric in stock to make all the extra’s like hats, coats and many other requests.

The early part of January is a very dangerous time for making rash decisions which often involve commitments that just can’t be kept to. Last week I fell head first into this trap when I entered the newly organised York Marathon. I had just watched a news feature about the event, which had informed me that it was being run in the name of Jane Tomlinson who probably has inspired me in my lifetime more than anyone else. So I had to get involved and anyway York is pretty flat so why worry. Within three days of going live the event was sold out with over 5000 runners and at this point I pinched myself and started considering my actual circumstances. Being 50 isn’t that big a deal these days, but never having been a runner during these years is a little more concerning. Add the dodgy knee, the stroke and my current weight and the case was there to quietly cancel my application and let someone else take my place. The thing is that I like to do things that I am not supposed to do and this is definitely one of those.

My weight as of 13th January stands at 14 stones and 13lbs. I probably need to shell the best part of 3 stones to have a chance. More importantly I need to learn how to run, how to breathe and also what to wear. A training schedule will be required and if possible some running company. Over the next few months I intend to report on my progress via this blog and hopefully when anyone sees what position I am starting from it may encourage a contribution to my chosen charity (TBA) or even to do an equally silly challenge yourself. If nothing else I hope to keep it entertaining.


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