Our range of mens country tweed jackets are made from Saxony fabric. But what does that mean and is it the reason that a tweed jacket is transformed into a high quality tweed jacket?

Saxony fabric is a type of wool fabric. The name Saxony is derived from the fact that this type of wool was initially made in Saxony, a town in Germany, from sheep that were specifically raised for wool. The sheep raised in this part of the world were merino sheep. Merino sheep were originally from Spain but were transferred to other parts of the world including Germany and France. In Germany, these Merino sheep came to be known as Saxony Merino.

Nowadays, merino wool  is  obtained from sheep farms in Australia, South America, South Africa and New Zealand due to their ideal climatic conditions. This therefore means that when used, the term ‘Saxony’ does not refer to wool from a particular area but more so wool from the Merino sheep. It is also used to refer to worsted woolen fabric.

Saxony fabric is a fine, very high quality fabric. The fabric is soft to the touch and medium to heavy weight. This is because the Merino sheep are as a matter of course well taken care of. The end result is wool that is very fine, very soft and elastic. The fiber of this fabric has many serrations and is therefore has good felting abilities. This type of wool is very high quality and is therefore the best wool to use in the manufacture of the best high quality tweed jackets.

The Saxony fabric that we have designed and produced for our range of Men’s country tweed jackets has had the quality increased further by twisting two merino yarns together to add extra weight whilst retaining the overall softness of the fabric. This ensures that our Saxony tweed jackets will not just have a luxurious feel, but they will last the test of time and offer warmth and comfort to the wearer. Furthermore the extra twist of multi coloured yarns gives an amazing subtlety to the overall fabric design.mens saxony country tweed jacket

The jackets have been tailored to a very high a standard in a traditional manner, which includes ticket pockets for real country styling.


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