It is hard to believe that five years before George Washington took office as the first president of the USA in 1789, a certain Daniel Gurteen established a company that would still be making top quality menswear well over two hundred years later. George III was on the English throne at the time and the Industrial revolution was in its early stages. The business specialised initially in weaving a material called Drabbet  which was used for making smocks for the agricultural workers of the time. This material was usually brown in colour made from linen fibre. It would be likely that today’s use of the saying “drab”  meaning plainly dressed would no doubt have been associated to the drabbet fabric.

Business continued to expand for the company and in 1880 Daniel Gurteen, third generation invested in a magnificent steam engine to drive the weaving machines at the factory in Suffolk.

Drivewheel at the Haverhill factory

Gurteen steam engine

Gurteen steam engine

Both the engine and wheel can still be found in pristine condition at the factory and I have been given a personal view of them working, but today this is by the means of electricity! Nevertheless it really does give you a sense of time watching the magnificent machinery in motion.

By 1900 the Gurteen company employed over 2500 people and the business was booming. During WW2 the factory was fully occupied with the manufacture of uniforms and after this period again continued to build a solid reputation for quality, well fitting garments.

The company is now run by the sixth and seventh generation of the family and supplies major high street names as well as small independent stores throughout the UK.

Gurteen Longford cotton stretch trouser

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