Gamekeepers Suits Made to Measure

Gamekeepers suits not only need to look smart and uphold the image of the Estate or shoot, but must above all fit well and be comfortable to wear because lets face it, if the Gamekeeper is not feeling relaxed then the whole shoot will suffer. Furthermore this outfit is a business cost and has to give value for money by looking good after many hard days in the field.

After many years of offering off the peg high quality Gamekeepers suits we decided to move our focus to mainly made to measure to ensure the perfect fit and comfort of wear. Lets face it, we are all slightly different in dimensions so one size never fits all. Our other USP is having our own exclusive collection of superb fit for purpose tweeds which are available year after year, ensuring replacement items can be purchased to keep the suit working for the Gamekeeper as long as possible.

Whilst most of our business used to be done at country and game fairs around the UK, we have found that direct visits at the convenience of the Gamekeeper works best all round. Furthermore it gives us an insight into the Gamekeeping world and the individual challenge of the particular location in question.

Weaving our tweeds in Yorkshire and then stitching the Gamekeepers suits in the same county not only gives us control over delivery and quality, but it also makes us Bloody proud to keep manufacturing alive and kicking on our own doorstep.

So if you want a great product, excellent value and made in Yorkshire, then ring us to make a fitting appointment.