For hundreds of years flat caps and other headwear has been an important part of a British mans wardrobe. If you look at old photos from the early 20th Century almost all men would be wearing some form of hat. Manufacturing would have been almost entirely within the UK and the fabrics would also have been made within our shores. Sadly over the last 30 years the majority of cap manufacturing has been moved to the Far East where fabric is woven cheaply and the caps are stitched by a workforce who are paid really low wages and often work in poor conditions without the protection of the health and safety we enjoy here. The main driver for this cheap production is the price of the cap and the competition between major high street retailers.

There is an alternative. Our caps may be a little more expensive than the high street but for what extra you get, it is a price worth paying. We weave our own exclusive luxury tweeds in Huddersfield, and even apply a special finish to the fabric to make it waterproof. The fabric is then delivered just 15 miles to our small cap factory where the cutting is done by hand to tried and tested patterns, before being stitched and finished with the Ratcatcher Yorkshire woven label. This really is a bit of old fashioned heritage manufacturing with the smallest carbon footprint.